Our Story & Vision

Starting in 2008 & 2009, Matthew Curran and Egan O’Keefe formed a partnership that has lasted through millions of square feet of indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse cannabis cultivation experience. Their journey as caregivers to operators of several of the largest multistate operators have given them exposure to leading fertility programs and use of nearly every nutrient line. Both recognized the opportunity for a simplified, high-quality water-soluble powder program. 

Matthew formulated Front Row Ag for maximum solubility, stopping the unnecessary separation of ingredients, optimizing micro-nutrients availability, and eliminating the need for additional calcium and magnesium. Prior to release, Matthew and Egan tirelessly researched cannabis’ physiological needs in various environments, cultivation methodologies, and cultivars. Research culminated with ideal formulations inclusive of industry best technology and proprietary attributes -chelates, emulsifier, and solutionizing acid.

In 2016, Matthew and Egan formed strategic partnerships to bring Front Row Ag’s first offering to market. Together, they developed three compatible products through exclusive manufacturing processes.

Front Row wouldn’t be today without the instrumental Solstice Ag partnership. Under Patrick Kanzler and Zack Vondrak, Solstice Ag is the exclusive distributor of Front Row Ag’s offering. Our team members work together to bring our customers unparalleled services and performance.

Today Front Row Ag is the leading Cannabis water soluble fertility program. Our program is offered internationally to thousands of commercial and hobbyist cultivators. Our team is dedicated to progress, innovation, and performance products at unprecedented value. Our belief is simplicity coupled with the highest quality inputs are driving forces to improve output of yield, aroma, terpenes, and cannabinoids.