About Front Row Ag

We help indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse cultivators optimize their bottom line with our best-in-class nutrients.

Front Row Ag Team

Who We Are

We are industry veterans who have seen and troubleshooted millions of sq.ft. of canopy at cultivation facilities worldwide. No matter what cultivation issues you're experiencing, we're well-versed in your situation and we are here to help.

Our Core Values


Produce the highest quality products using the best technology and ingredients.


Deliver on every promise. Give accurate and trustworthy information. Back up statements with proof.


Stay on the cutting edge of science and technology to provide the very best products and service.


Eliminate every frill that isn't needed to optimize your flower, without sacrificing quality for cost.

How It Started

Founders' Background: Cultivation + Chemistry

Starting in 2008, chemist Matthew Curran and cultivator Egan O’Keefe formed a partnership in the field of plant cultivation. They gained extensive experience in indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse cultivation working with licensed multi-state operators in the USA, giving them exposure to top cultivation programs and nutrients. 

They recognized the need for a high-quality, simplified, water-soluble fertilizer and set out to create it. They conducted thorough research into various environments, cultivars, and cultivation methods.

How It's Going

With Solstice Ag leading our distribution and customer service, we currently serve thousands of commercial clients, wholesale suppliers, and online customers.

We have distribution partners in 5 countries around the world - US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Thailand.

Our Happy Customers

A top shelf line of nutrients. The best in the industry! I have been growing for over 25 years and I am Amazed with the quality of our flowers. Your nutrients help us to grow our seeds to their maximum potential.

Rick, Mosca Farms Inc. @moscaseeds

Our Products

Nutrients and additives designed for cultivators.

Made using the highest quality ingredients.

Our Supply Chain Security

Our family-owned fertilizer manufacturer has been producing high quality fertilizer for over 70 years.

Our Global Reach

Solstice Ag distributes Front Row Ag products from warehouses in Michigan and California in the United States. AGNB Solutions distributes our products in Canada. Organgreen provides distribution throughout Thailand. Dome Group distributes throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Our Bulk Discounts

Get bulk discounts and a dedicated sales rep. Learn more about Front Row Ag Commercial Accounts to see if you qualify.