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Part A

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Front Row Ag Part A delivers a potent, precise blend of essential micronutrients to support vigorous growth, plant health, and quality. By providing highly available micronutrients across a wide pH range and an optimal Ca:Mg ratio, Part A promotes the production of abundant terpenes, aromatics, and plant phytochemicals.

  • Combines calcium with a potent micronutrient package for an optimal Ca:Mg ratio of 5:1 to 3:1

  • Employs EDTA and EDDHA chelates to ensure uptake of all 8 essential micronutrients

  • Provides nitrogen in nitrate form for easy absorption and a low salt index

  • Designed to allow strategic Nitrogen tapering to shift resources towards plant secondary metabolism

The Front Row Ag three-part system offers growers a convenient and consistently effective approach to achieving agricultural excellence. Front Row Ag can be mixed direct to reservoir (DTR) or used to create stock solutions in a 3:2:2 ratio of Part A, Part B, and Bloom that can be injected equally throughout the flowering cycle. Both methods allow growers to easily deliver scientifically formulated nutrition to their plants. Compatible with a variety of water sources and injection equipment as well as direct-to-reservoir usage, the three-part system opens up new levels of competence in controlled environment agriculture.

Learn more about scientific research that supports the Front Row Ag A/B/Bloom formulation in our blog article Nitrate Vs Ammonium.