Growth. Simplified.

Specialized Fertilizer & Additives

Cost Effective

Front Row Agriculture products were specially formulated by a cultivation expert to optimize your harvest and your savings.


Maximize your yield with less effort. Front Row Ag's simple three-part nutrient line: A/B/Bloom offers complete nutrition for your plants.


Front Row Ag products are great for injection systems or straight from the bag into reservoirs and feed tanks.

Great for Injection Systems

The A/B/Bloom Nutrient Line

Part A

Part A provides the perfect volume of calcium and nitrogen to amplify flowering and vegetative growth. 

Part B

Delivers magnesium, sulfur, potassium and phosphorous to ensure optimized photosynthesis.


Maximizes terpenes & testing results. Promotes explosive growth, density, and ideal stack internodal / nodal space.

About Our Chemist/Cultivator Founder

“A simple & cost effective nutrient & additive line that saves money and produces massive results” is what Cultivation Manager & Chemist Matt Curran had in mind when he created Front Row Ag.