3-2-2 Commercial Bundle

3-2-2 Commercial Bundle

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With the 3-2-2 Commercial Bundle you receive 7 bags in total:

  • 3 x 25lb. bags of Part A 
  • 2 x 25lb. bags of Part B 
  • 2 x 25lb. bags of Bloom 


Mix Stock Concentrates

Perfect for our most popular mixing method - The 3-2-2 Stock Concentrate method. Use the 3-2-2 Stock Concentrate Feed Chart (US). Alternative feed charts are available on our Feed Charts page.

Everything you need to know about mixing fertilizer can be learned through our free e-course Front Row Ag Certified Technician. Learn mixing techniques, runoff collection, irrigation maintenance, and more in this short, mobile-friendly, online course!

How much liquid does it make?

When combined with water mixed at the "Stack" Recipe Ratio of our Standard Strength Feed Chart, this kit yields over 9,460 gallons of feed solution, ensuring you have ample supply for your cultivation needs. 

Why A/B/Bloom

Cultivators love the A/B/Boom 3-part dry-soluble formula because it's simple to use and provides unparalleled performance.

A/B/Bloom delivers a complete blend of required micronutrients with unprecedented solubility utilizing the highest quality chelates.

Part A (14-0-8) provides the perfect volume of calcium and nitrogen to amplify flowering and vegetative growth.

Part B (2-13-17) delivers magnesium, sulfur, potassium and phosphorous to ensure optimized photosynthesis.

Bloom (0-35-29) - an unparalleled PK booster enhanced with magnesium and sulfur - maximizes terpene production.

This 3-part fertilizer program is great for injection systems such as Dosatrons, Argus injectors, electric diaphragm injectors, Venturi injectors or pneumatic injectors and direct from the bag into reservoirs, leech tanks, hand mix tanks, water tanks, and feed tanks.


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