Become a front row ag certified Technician

In March 2024, we opened an online school offering a free Technician certification course. The Front Row Ag Certified Technician e-course is designed to provide comprehensive knowledge and practical skills for aspiring hydroponic fertilizer technicians.

Professionals interested in learning about cutting-edge cultivation knowledge and techniques, this is for you.

<1 hour

Most students complete this basics training & quiz in less than 1 hour.


Expert-Led Instruction

Learn from industry leaders with extensive field experience.

Flexible Learning

Learn at your own pace, whether on a computer, tablet, or mobile device.

Industry Connections

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Strengthen Your Cultivation & Technical Knowledge

What you learn

The Technician Specialty Curriculum includes:

  1. Mixing Techniques and Equipment: Detailed instructions on mixing fertilizers in both direct reservoir and stock concentrate methods, emphasizing the importance of accurate measurements and proper agitation to ensure consistency and effectiveness of the nutrient solutions.
  2. Stock Concentrate Preparation and Validation: Guidance on preparing concentrated nutrient solutions, ensuring correct proportions, and validating the solutions to match targeted specifications for effective application.
  3. Fertigation System Considerations: Discussion on different fertigation systems, their compatibility, and best practices for usage, including the injection order and specific needs for different types of systems.
  4. Runoff Collection and Analysis: Techniques for collecting and analyzing runoff to monitor and adjust fertilization effectively, ensuring plants receive the optimal nutrient levels.
  5. Cleaning and Maintenance of Irrigation Systems: Procedures for regular and deep cleaning of various components of the irrigation system, highlighting the importance of cleanliness to prevent clogs and ensure uniform nutrient delivery.
  6. Troubleshooting and Sensor Maintenance: Strategies for troubleshooting common issues in fertigation systems, emphasizing the importance of regular calibration and maintenance of pH and EC sensors to ensure accurate readings.

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What you Get

  1. Certification and Badge:
    A certificate of completion and a digital badge for showcasing your achievement on resumes and social media.
  2. Enhanced Technical/Cultivation Skills:
    Acquire skills that significantly improve your cultivation practices and outcomes.
  3. Social Media Recognition:
    An optional shoutout on Front Row Ag's social media, connecting you with a network of professional cultivators.

Why is it free?

Learn from the thousands of grows the Front Row Ag interacts with.

Front Row Ag offers this free course to build a community of knowledgeable users, ensuring our fertilizers are used effectively. This approach benefits our customers and the wider agricultural community by promoting best practices.

Who is it for?

Who is Eligibile

Our course at Front Row Ag is open to anyone who has an interest in learning about cultivation. We welcome individuals from diverse backgrounds, whether they are new to the subject or just curious about the field. This inclusive approach ensures that a broad range of perspectives and experiences enrich the learning environment, making it a unique opportunity for all interested participants.

Who it's best suited for

The course is particularly beneficial for those with some understanding of cultivation. It's ideally suited for existing cultivation professionals who are looking to deepen their knowledge about nutrients and advanced cultivation techniques. This focus ensures that the content is both relevant and challenging for those already in the field, providing them with valuable insights to enhance their expertise and professional skills.

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