Front Row Si contains 10% MONOSILICIC ACID

Si helps enhance nutrient uptake, nutrient efficacy, tolerance to abiotic stress, and overall crop quality.

Monosilicic acid is optimized for increasing yield, cell thickness, preventing biotic pathogens, and abiotic stress. Considerable yield increases are gained when monosilicic molecules are incorporated into the cells adding individual strength and weight. 

Healthier cells lead to better and more productive metabolism. 

Monosilicic acid and silicates are also critical to metabolic pathways helping to push performance.

Silicates and monosilicic acid also enhance the natural plant immune response, both helping to prevent fungal pathogens and to mitigate the effects of abiotic stressors including temperature, light, and drought.

Additionally, monosilicic acid competes with heavy metals for absorption at the roots, preventing the uptake of harmful ions.

To learn more about the specific mechanisms through which silica exerts 
beneficial effects, we recommend the study titled ‘Biostimulant Activity of Silicon In Horticulture’ (Savvas, 2015).

Front Row Si uses a new sugar-based alcohol to solutionize MSA.
100% of Front Row Si can be metabolized by the plant. 
Front Row Si contains no polyethylene glycol (PEG) for solubility.