Craft Grower Bundle
Craft Grower Bundle
Craft Grower Bundle
Craft Grower Bundle
Craft Grower Bundle

Craft Grower Bundle

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Front Row Ag A/B/Bloom Craft Grower Bundle is the perfect starter kit for cannabis cultivators looking to begin their growing journey with top-quality fertilizer.

This bundle includes 5lb bags of our 3-part dry soluble nutrient line: Part A, Part B, and Bloom - with optional upgrades to include Front Row Si (+Si) or Phoszyme (+PZ) or both (Deluxe).

How much liquid does it make?

When combined with water mixed at the "Stack" Recipe Ratio of our Standard Feed Chart, this kit yields over 525 gallons of feed solution, ensuring you have ample supply for your cultivation needs. After 525 gallons, you'll still have Part B and Bloom left for future use.

What are the +Si and +PZ options?

For those seeking enhanced performance, consider upgrading to +PZ, which includes a 5lb bag of Phoszyme. Phoszyme not only increases nutrient uptake but also accelerates vegetative growth, giving your plants the boost they need to thrive. Learn more about Phoszyme.

You can opt for the +Si upgrade, which includes a quart of Front Row Si, further enriching your plants with essential nutrients for robust growth. Learn more about Front Row Si.

What is the Deluxe option?

Deluxe includes all 5: the 3-part line up (A/B/Bloom) and 1 quart of Front Row Si and a 5 lb. bag of Phoszyme. 


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