Front Row Si
Front Row Si

Front Row Si

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Front Row Si is a 10% Silicic Acid that uses new polylol stabilizing technology, and contains no PEG (polyethylene glycol) meaning better solubility and less precipitates. Used as a root or foliar feed, it helps enhance nutrient uptake, nutrient efficacy, and overall crop quality while protecting against drought, temperature flux and other stresses.

The presence of silicic acid within the plant and rhizosphere provides many benefits including structural strength, plays an active role in physiological processes i.e. regulating uptake of other nutrients, and a role in proper plant development. 

Foliar: 0.5 ML/Gal

Reservoir: 0.13 - 0.5 ML/Gal

Stock Concentrate: 

50 ML/Gal - 250 ML/Gal

Front Row Si dilutions must decrease as feed strength increases to avoid precipitates. See Feed Charts for baseline recommendations.

Enhance nutrient uptake, nutrient efficacy, tolerance to abiotic stress, and overall crop quality.