Great for injection systems such as Dosatrons, Argus injectors, electric diaphragm injectors, Venturi injectors or pneumatic injectors and direct from the bag into reservoirs, leech tanks, hand mix tanks, water tanks, and feed tanks.

Dilution (from the bag) - 2.25 gram per gallon - 4.5 grams per gallon

Dilution (as concentrate) - 10 mL/Gal - 20 mL/Gal

Injection Rate (as concentrate) - 0.26 % - 0.52%

When considering usage rate - for vegetation, an average of 3.2 grams per gallon to make a 2.0 EC solution or 1 lb of each part makes 143 gallons of 2.0 EC solution. and for Flower, an average of 2.7 grams per gallon to make a 2.0 EC solution or 1 lb each part totals 170 gallons of 2.0 EC solution.

Front-Row Ag Part A delivers all the required, highly chelated micro-nutrients. The highest quality chelates allow for unprecedented solubility & availability at wide pH ranges. Part-A provides crops with the perfect volume of Calcium and nitrogen to amplifying flowering and vegetative growth. Part A leaves no trace using a vibrant green dye to ensure dilution and injection are perfect. Part A Hard Water formulation makes strategic adjustments to micro-nutrients to balance Calcium, Magnesium and other critical ion ratios associated with traditional alkaline water.