FRONT-ROW AG bloom (0.35.29)

Great for injection systems such as Dosatrons, Argus injectors, electric diaphragm injectors, Venturi injectors or pneumatic injectors and direct from bag into reservoirs, leech tanks, hand mix tanks, water tanks, and feed tanks.

Dilution (from bag) - 2.25 gram per gallon - 4.5 grams per gallon

Dilution (as concentrate) - 10 mL/Gal - 20 mL/Gal

Injection Rate (as concentrate) - 0.26 % - 0.52%

When considering usage rate - for vegetation, an average of 3.2 grams per gallon to make a 2.0 EC solution or 1 lbs of each part makes 143 gallons of 2.0 EC solution. and for Flower, an average of 2.7 grams per gallon to make a 2.0 EC solution or 1 lbs each part totals 170 gallons of 2.0 EC solution.

Front-Row Ag Bloom supplements both Part A and Part B for explosive flower growth and density. Critical concentrations of Magnesium, Sulfur, Phosphorus, and Potassium maximize terpene and cannabinoid diversity and quantity. Bloom’s unique formulation delivers the nutrients flowers need to reached their full performance and stack internodal and nodal space. Bloom cleanly dilutes into working strength solution utilizing a memorizing red dye to ensure dilution and injection are perfect. Bloom Hard Water formulation, like Part B HW, makes calculated modifications to magnesium to balance Calcium and other critical ion ratios associated with traditional alkaline water.