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Specialized Fertilizer & Additives

Cost Effective
Front Row Agriculture products were specially formulated by a cultivation expert to optimize your harvest and your savings.
Maximize your yield with less effort. Front Row Ag's simple three-part nutrient line: A/B/Bloom offers complete nutrition for your plants.  
Front Row Ag products are great for injection systems or straight from the bag into reservoirs and feed tanks.

Great for Injection Systems

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Simplify your Nutrient Line Up

Save on Shipping Costs
Specially made to save you money during shipping, the A/B/Bloom Nutrient line is made of soluble powder.
Keep it Simple
A/B/Bloom offers complete nutrition for your plants. You don't need to add other nutrients, just make adjustments as you see fit.
Use it with Fertigation, or not
Front Row Ag products are great for injection systems or straight from the bag into reservoirs and feed tanks.
Part A delivers a complete blend of required micronutrients with unprecedented solubility utilizing the highest quality chelates.

Part A provides the perfect volume of calcium and nitrogen to amplify flowering and vegetative growth. 
Part B complements Part A by delivering the essential concentrations of magnesium and sulfur as well as ideal volumes of potassium and phosphorus to ensure optimized photosynthesis.

Within Part B, a blend of surfactants evenly distributes fertilizer ions and water while conditioning the medium to hold more oxygen. Finally, citric acid drives cation uptake ensuring unparalleled solubility. 
‍Bloom provides a unique formulation designed to complement Part A and B by delivering the elements flowers need for explosive growth, density, and ideal stack internodal / nodal space.

Bloom maximizes terpenes & testing results by providing critical concentrations of magnesium, sulfur, phosphorus, and potassium. 

Part A, Part B & Bloom all dissolve completely into working strength solutions and utilize a food grade dye to ensure dilution and injection is perfect. 

Clean Up

ph up + Water Sterilizer

Raise your pH and keep your lines clean at the same time.
Keep everything clean and balanced
Clean Up is both a line cleaner and pH adjuster, in one product. It can be injected in main storage tanks or set up with your fertigation system.  

Clean Up is a pH up adjuster perfect for Reverse Osmosis (RO) water or tap water up to 120 ppm carbonate/bicarbonate.

Clean Up combines pH adjusting carbonates and hypochlorous acid to deliver results. 
Easy to use
Reservoir: 0.2-0.75 g/Gallon until the perfect pH is achieved. 
Stock Concentrate: 92 g/Gallon mix rate or 5-25 mL/Gallon injection rate until the perfect pH is achieved. 
Clean Up comes as a white, dry, soluble powder which can be added directly to a reservoir or made into a stock concentrate and injected. 


10% Silicic acid

Enhance nutrient uptake, nutrient efficacy, tolerance to abiotic stress, and overall crop quality.
Silicon Solution
Front Row Si is a 10% Silicic Acid that uses new polylol stabilizing technology, and contains no PEG (polyethylene glycol) meaning better solubility and less precipitates.

Used as a root or foliar feed, it helps enhance nutrient uptake, nutrient efficacy, and overall crop quality while protecting against drought, temperature flux and other stresses.

The presence of silicic acid within the plant and rhizosphere provides many benefits including structural strength, plays an active role in physiological processes i.e. regulating uptake of other nutrients, and a role in proper plant development. 

Easy to use
Foliar: 0.5 mL/Gal
Reservoir: 0.13 - 0.5 mL/Gal
Stock Concentrate:  50 ML/Gal - 250 mL/Gal
Front Row Si comes in a liquid concentrate form.


Keeps Lines Flowing

Got clogged equipment?
Lines accumulating biofilm & sludge or mineral buildup?
You need BIOFLO.
irrigation line cleaner
BIOFLO cleans irrigation lines of Bio film and mineral buildup using natural bioactivity instead of harsh chemicals.

Due to its all-natural ingredients, BIOFLO will not harm your plants or their root zone microbes.
Easy to use
Mix enough BIOFLO to fill and soak your irrigation lines. Allow your lines to soak for a few hours. Then flush it right into the plants. 
BIOFLO comes in a liquid concentrate form so you can easily clean your lines, emitters and equipment.


root inoculant

Optimize your nutrient uptake for enhanced growth during veg and bloom phases.
maximize Nitrogen & Phosphate uptake
Triologic is a biological inoculant that fixes nitrogen and solubilizes phosphates to enhance growth in veg and bloom phases.

Triologic was specially built to increase nitrogen and phosphate uptake in your plants. 
Easy to use
1-2 ML/Gal, Once per week.
Triologic comes in a liquid concentrate form.

About Our Chemist/Cultivator Founder

"A simple & cost effective nutrient & additive line that saves money and produces massive results" is what Cultivation Manager & Chemist Matt Curran had in mind when he created Front Row Ag.

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